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Bucci’s 3rd Birthday Party!

Bucci Brisbane is located in Fortitude Valley’s busy James Street precinct and has a reputation for fine Italian food and wine. The restaurant boasts an open kitchen and contemporary dining room.

We were invited to Bucci to celebrate Bucci’s 3rd Birthday at a night filled with delicious Italian Food, to die for prosecco and samba dancers! We got a taste of what Bucci has to offer and can’t wait to dine at Bucci when we get a chance.

bucci11 bucci10 bucci9 bucci8 bucci7 bucci4 bucci3 bucci2

 Bucci Brisbane

ddress: 15 James St, Fortitude Valley
Opening Hours: 7 days a week, 12-3pm, 5.30 – late

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Hops ‘n’ Dawgs Thursdays at Archive Beer Boutique

When you mix together big American beers, big American food and big American sport at Brisbane’s best beer bar, what does it mean? It means it’s time for some Hops ‘n’ Dawgs.

There will be plenty of hops. There will plenty of dawgs. There will be plenty of Baseball home runs to watch on the big screens.

Come get yourself a slice of American pie with Hops ‘n’ Dawgs at Archive, every Thursday from 11am with live music starting from 8.30pm.

hopsndawgs01 hopsndawgs02 hopsndawgs03 hopsndawgs04 hopsndawgs05 hopsndawgs06

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Archive Beer Boutique

ddress: 100 Boundary St, West End
Phone: 07 3844 3419

Hoo Ha Bar, South Bank

IMG_3340 IMG_3341

Hoo Ha Bar is a quaint cafe/bar that serves up local food, independent coffee and crafty drinks. Hoo Ha Bar is open Monday to Friday 7am to late, Saturday and Sunday 10am to late and is located on Tribune Street tucked away from the hustle and bustle of South Bank.


The menu from 7am to 3pm consists of a mixture of breakfast and lunch items such as the Bahn-mi style slow braised pork w/ pickled cucumber, carrot & chilli on ciabatta w/ sriracha mayo & greens  (pictured above) and the Herbivore consisting of Field mushrooms, poached free-range eggs, house-made hummus, haloumi nuggets, greens, blistered cherry tomatoes, pesto & warmed ciabatta (pictured below). The Herbivore breakfast was our favourite, featuring large poached free-range eggs cooked to perfection, deliciously roasted tomatoes and mushroom which paired extremely well with the hummus and pesto. All items on the 7am to 3pm menu are very well priced with all 9 options under $18.

IMG_3357  IMG_3361

The afternoon menu (available from 4pm to 9pm) features share plate food such as Olives marinated with citrus & thyme, served with warmed bread, house-made dip & olive oil, croquettes with artichoke & Monterey Jack cheddar and tomato relish, Hervey Bay scallops seared in herb butter with crisp pancetta & pea puree, grazing plates and brioche sliders.


The drinks menu features a range of craft beers from the likes of Croft Brewing (pictured above is the Wolf’s Scratch Pale Ale from Croft Brewing), Brewcult, Holgate, Mornington Peninsula and Burleigh Brewing, a range of red and white wines and cocktails with the wackiest names such as WHAM! (House espresso martini variation featuring Pusser’s 8 rum, fresh espresso, gingerbread syrup, shaken and served straight up with white chocolate shavings), ZAP! (A refreshing blend of Tropicana featuring El Jimador tequila, fresh basil, pineapple juice, lime marmalade, black pepper, shaken and served tall with a leafy basil sprig) and OUCH! (A collaboration of fruity favourites featuring citrus infused vodka, plum jam, lemon juice, pink grapefruit juice, peach bitters, shaken and served short with maraschino cherries) plus many other wonderful cocktails.

IMG_3366 IMG_3367

Head to Hoo Ha Bar for a casual drink and bite to eat whilst relaxing on a variation of comfortable lounges and chairs in a relaxed atmosphere.

IMG_3372  IMG_3376

Hoo Ha Bar

Address: 41 Tribune Street, South Brisbane
Phone: 07 3846 6457
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Hop & Pickle, South Bank


We ventured to the recently opened Hop & Pickle in South Bank after stumbling upon this bar whilst eating at a restaurant nearby and couldn’t help but notice the large crowd throughout the venue on a Friday night. We decided to visit on a week night to avoid the large crowd and enjoy a quiet night sampling the food and drinks.


The menu features bar snacks such as ham hock croquettes (pictured above), mini dagwood dogs, asian glazed pork belly with cucumber relish (pictured below) and buffalo beef brisket with blue cheese dip, while the mains change daily Saturdays are reserved for “pub classics” from around the world and traditional roasts on Sundays. One of the mains available when we dined at Hop and Pickle was a steak with some to-die-for onion rings (pictured below).

01   04

The drinks menu features a range of craft beer on tap from local Newstead Brewing Co and Goat and Rocks Brewing. There are also a range of popular bottled beers from Asahi to Little Creatures and Corona and for the ladies some wine, champagne and cocktails!


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Hop & Pickle and can’t give the staff enough credit, they were so attentive and knowledgeable on the food and drinks. We would highly recommend Hop & Pickle for anyone looking for a nice bite to eat or a Friday afternoon drink.

Hop & Pickle, South Bank

Address: Little Stanley Street, South Brisbane
Phone: 07 3217 2652
Opening Hours: Sunday to Tuesday: 11am – 11pm Wednesday to Saturday: 11am –12pm
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Australia’s best beef to steak its claim at the RNA’s Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show’s Branded Beef & Lamb Competition

The hunt to unearth Australia’s best steak and lamb has begun with the most prestigious competition of its kind showcasing and rewarding the very best of the best.

Entries are now open for the RNA’s renowned Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show’s Branded Beef and Lamb Competition, regarded as the most comprehensive in the nation.

For a country that adores its red meat and produces some of the finest beef in the world, this competition is a true showcase of the best of the best.

Last year’s branded beef winner, the JBS Australia ‘Swift Premium Striploin’ from Western Queensland, was touted by the RQFWS Chief Judge as the ‘world’s best’ and was served throughout the Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) as the hero dish at the iconic Royal Queensland Steakhouse.

The RQFWS judges will taste their way through Australia’s best steak and lamb from May 19, which includes a rigorous judging process with food scientists on board to cook the juicy produce to perfection.

The age long question remains – will it be a grass fed or grain fed that will be crowned the coveted Grand Champion.

The RQFWS is a prestigious competition that unearths Australia’s top food and wine products, it is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the nation’s best of the best.

With more than 2600 entries in 2014 and a near 20 per cent increase in the Royal Queensland Wine Show entry numbers, The RQFWS continues to grow each year.

The eight competitions in 2015 will be made up of the Cheese & Dairy Produce Show, Ice-Cream, Gelato and Sorbet Competition, Branded Beef Competition, Branded Lamb Competition, Royal Queensland Wine Show (RQWS), the Beer & Cider Competition, Sausage King and Ham, Bacon and Smallgoods Competition.

Visit  for more information

IMG_7752 copy RICC_highres-156 RICC_highres-97 RICC_Food_Aug2013_HighRes-100

Tastebox Review

Does it drive you crazy having to plan meals, find recipes and wander up and down the aisles of the grocery store finding all the ingredients? Then (like me!) you need Tastebox! This week we had the pleasure of trying a Tastebox 3 meal dinner box for 2 people (box contents are pictured below). If you have not heard of Tastebox as yet this is what it is. Tastebox chefs create delicious recipes, source fresh ingredients (including good quality meat!), pre-measure the required amount of each ingredient and deliver straight to your door (for free in a 100% recyclable biodegradable box!) with simple recipes and all you simply need to do is follow the recipe and be prepared to be blown away by the mouthwatering dishes you have created!

Tastebox01 Tasteboxa

The three meals we got to cook were Glazed Sesame Salmon with Chickpea Salad, Pork San Choy Bau and Spiced Steak with Mexican Salsa. Each meal took less than 40 minutes to make, included a minimal amount of prep, and each serving was less than 800 calories, bearing in mind the serving sizes were generous and we had leftovers after each meal!

The glazed sesame salmon with chickpea salad was delicious and so simple to make! The salad only required 6 ingredients and a quick stir in a bowl, with the salmon requiring marinading and baking in the oven. Can a healthy, tasty and nutritious dinner really get any easier? I don’t think so! This dish also had my boyfriend raving for days afterwards begging me to cook the salmon again for him!

Tastebox11  Tastebox13 Tastebox14  Tastebox16

Meal number two was the Pork San Choy Bau, which was my personal favourite and also conveniently the lowest calorie meal in the box! I have always been a huge fan of San Choy Bau and know I now that I can create it with only 12 ingredients and a few quick and easy to follow steps. Shown below are the ingredients used to make this dish followed by the simple prep required to make the dish and the final product (Note: The below final meal photos show a little less than half of what was made from all the ingredients provided, this meal was a very generous size and we couldn’t have been happier!).

Tastebox05  Tastebox07 Tastebox08  Tastebox09

The third and final meal (and yes we were absolutely devastated that our relationship with Tastebox for the week had come to an end!) was the Spiced Steak with Mexican Salsa. This was another easy yet extremely tasty recipe, with only 11 ingredients required and put on the table in less than 30 minutes!

Tastebox18   Tastebox21 Tastebox22Tastebox20

The verdict is that we honestly fell in love with Tastebox, my boyfriend is still raving about all three meals and now thanks to Tastebox thinks I am a genuinely good cook, Tastebox has the ability to do that! If you are like me, time poor, hate going to the grocery store, sick of eating simple food, don’t want to eat out for another night, then you need to order Tastebox. Please note that Tastebox is currently delivering throughout Brisbane on Monday afternoons from 3pm-5pm, if you want to check if your suburb is in the delivery area contact Tastebox on

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Birds Nest Yakitori and Bar, Brisbane

We recently ventured to Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar in West End to try the Omakase (chef’s selection) Course which consists of  Amuse Bouche served with 30mL chilled sake, 7 Chicken Skewers, 2 vegetable skewers, a Rice Course and a Dessert all for only $55!

Bird’s Nest offers a traditional Yakitori experience with popular yakitori options on the menu such as chicken thigh with shallots and chicken meatballs however they also offer items popular throughout Asia such as chicken liver, chicken heart and chicken arteries. If you dine at Bird’s Nest you need to experience eating the chicken liver, heart or artery, we were pleasantly surprised. Bird’s Nest also has an extensive drinks menu featuring Japanese Beer, cider, sake, ume shu (plum wine),  japanese scotch whisky, shochu and white and red wines. If you are unsure of what to try from the sake options Bird’s Nest also have an in-house sake sommelier who can assist you with deciding between the refreshing, rich, aromatic or aged options.

It is no wonder that Bird’s Nest Restaurant has been featured in the Courier Mail, Brisbane News, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Qantas Magazine. We were blown away by this restaurant and you need to try it for yourself, but be sure to make a booking as we can confirm that every seat in the restaurant was full on a Monday night!

Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar, West End

Address: Shop 5, 220 Melbourne Street, West End
Phone: (07) 3844 4306
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 5.30pm – late for dinner and lunch on Friday from 12pm – late




Yakitori cooking on Charcoal


Yakitori cooking on Charcoal




Amuse Bouche – Tofu, Sweet Tomato & Pate


Sasami – Free Range Chicken Tenderloin topped with wasabi mayonnaise & Free Range Chicken Tenderloin topped with ume & Shiso leaves


Negima – Free Range Chicken Thigh with shallots


Bonjiri – Chicken Tail with Sesame oil and Lemon


Asupara – Asparagus with Wasabi Mayonnaise


Hatsu – Chicken Hearts


Hatsumoto – Chicken Arteries with Cracked Pepper


Tomato Butabara – Super sweet Grape Tomato wrapped in thinly sliced pork belly & Tsukune – Free Range Chicken meatballs


Shiitake – Locally grown Shiitake Mushroom with Ponzu Vinegar


Yaki Onigiri – House Specialty, Grilled Rice Ball, Brushed with Tare

Houjicha Chazuke -  Roasted Green Tea broth poured over rice Topped with sake poached chicken tenderloin Shiso leaves and Umeboshi

Houjicha Chazuke -Roasted Green Tea broth poured over rice, Topped with sake poached chicken tenderloin, Shiso leaves and Umeboshi

Shouga No Purin - Japanese style Crème Caramel, Ginger infused

Shouga No Purin – Japanese style Crème Caramel, Ginger infused

Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream

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