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Tastebox Review

Does it drive you crazy having to plan meals, find recipes and wander up and down the aisles of the grocery store finding all the ingredients? Then (like me!) you need Tastebox! This week we had the pleasure of trying a Tastebox 3 meal dinner box for 2 people (box contents are pictured below). If you have not heard of Tastebox as yet this is what it is. Tastebox chefs create delicious recipes, source fresh ingredients (including good quality meat!), pre-measure the required amount of each ingredient and deliver straight to your door (for free in a 100% recyclable biodegradable box!) with simple recipes and all you simply need to do is follow the recipe and be prepared to be blown away by the mouthwatering dishes you have created!

Tastebox01 Tasteboxa

The three meals we got to cook were Glazed Sesame Salmon with Chickpea Salad, Pork San Choy Bau and Spiced Steak with Mexican Salsa. Each meal took less than 40 minutes to make, included a minimal amount of prep, and each serving was less than 800 calories, bearing in mind the serving sizes were generous and we had leftovers after each meal!

The glazed sesame salmon with chickpea salad was delicious and so simple to make! The salad only required 6 ingredients and a quick stir in a bowl, with the salmon requiring marinading and baking in the oven. Can a healthy, tasty and nutritious dinner really get any easier? I don’t think so! This dish also had my boyfriend raving for days afterwards begging me to cook the salmon again for him!

Tastebox11  Tastebox13 Tastebox14  Tastebox16

Meal number two was the Pork San Choy Bau, which was my personal favourite and also conveniently the lowest calorie meal in the box! I have always been a huge fan of San Choy Bau and know I now that I can create it with only 12 ingredients and a few quick and easy to follow steps. Shown below are the ingredients used to make this dish followed by the simple prep required to make the dish and the final product (Note: The below final meal photos show a little less than half of what was made from all the ingredients provided, this meal was a very generous size and we couldn’t have been happier!).

Tastebox05  Tastebox07 Tastebox08  Tastebox09

The third and final meal (and yes we were absolutely devastated that our relationship with Tastebox for the week had come to an end!) was the Spiced Steak with Mexican Salsa. This was another easy yet extremely tasty recipe, with only 11 ingredients required and put on the table in less than 30 minutes!

Tastebox18   Tastebox21 Tastebox22Tastebox20

The verdict is that we honestly fell in love with Tastebox, my boyfriend is still raving about all three meals and now thanks to Tastebox thinks I am a genuinely good cook, Tastebox has the ability to do that! If you are like me, time poor, hate going to the grocery store, sick of eating simple food, don’t want to eat out for another night, then you need to order Tastebox. Please note that Tastebox is currently delivering throughout Brisbane on Monday afternoons from 3pm-5pm, if you want to check if your suburb is in the delivery area contact Tastebox on

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