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Birds Nest Yakitori and Bar, Brisbane

We recently ventured to Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar in West End to try the Omakase (chef’s selection) Course which consists of  Amuse Bouche served with 30mL chilled sake, 7 Chicken Skewers, 2 vegetable skewers, a Rice Course and a Dessert all for only $55!

Bird’s Nest offers a traditional Yakitori experience with popular yakitori options on the menu such as chicken thigh with shallots and chicken meatballs however they also offer items popular throughout Asia such as chicken liver, chicken heart and chicken arteries. If you dine at Bird’s Nest you need to experience eating the chicken liver, heart or artery, we were pleasantly surprised. Bird’s Nest also has an extensive drinks menu featuring Japanese Beer, cider, sake, ume shu (plum wine),  japanese scotch whisky, shochu and white and red wines. If you are unsure of what to try from the sake options Bird’s Nest also have an in-house sake sommelier who can assist you with deciding between the refreshing, rich, aromatic or aged options.

It is no wonder that Bird’s Nest Restaurant has been featured in the Courier Mail, Brisbane News, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Qantas Magazine. We were blown away by this restaurant and you need to try it for yourself, but be sure to make a booking as we can confirm that every seat in the restaurant was full on a Monday night!

Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar, West End

Address: Shop 5, 220 Melbourne Street, West End
Phone: (07) 3844 4306
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 5.30pm – late for dinner and lunch on Friday from 12pm – late




Yakitori cooking on Charcoal


Yakitori cooking on Charcoal




Amuse Bouche – Tofu, Sweet Tomato & Pate


Sasami – Free Range Chicken Tenderloin topped with wasabi mayonnaise & Free Range Chicken Tenderloin topped with ume & Shiso leaves


Negima – Free Range Chicken Thigh with shallots


Bonjiri – Chicken Tail with Sesame oil and Lemon


Asupara – Asparagus with Wasabi Mayonnaise


Hatsu – Chicken Hearts


Hatsumoto – Chicken Arteries with Cracked Pepper


Tomato Butabara – Super sweet Grape Tomato wrapped in thinly sliced pork belly & Tsukune – Free Range Chicken meatballs


Shiitake – Locally grown Shiitake Mushroom with Ponzu Vinegar


Yaki Onigiri – House Specialty, Grilled Rice Ball, Brushed with Tare

Houjicha Chazuke -  Roasted Green Tea broth poured over rice Topped with sake poached chicken tenderloin Shiso leaves and Umeboshi

Houjicha Chazuke -Roasted Green Tea broth poured over rice, Topped with sake poached chicken tenderloin, Shiso leaves and Umeboshi

Shouga No Purin - Japanese style Crème Caramel, Ginger infused

Shouga No Purin – Japanese style Crème Caramel, Ginger infused

Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream

Bird's Nest Restaurant on Urbanspoon



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