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Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills

Blog post courtesy of www.filledwithfood.comIMG_6200My last day of brunch in Sydney was spent at Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills. It was very close to our apartment and the walk was only about 5 minutes. It is also close to Central station, just off Elizabeth St. The cafe is on the smaller side but the open, outdoor seating arrangement makes it, perfect for summer mornings. The service was excellent; all the staff were friendly and we were promptly served our food. Three dishes were ordered.

Saturday Morning Brunch

Avocado & Egg & Marinated Persian Fetta on 5 Grain Sourdough $14.50

The 5 Grain sourdough had the right amount of sourness that matched perfectly with the avocado and egg. The amount of avocado was plentiful enough to spread onto the two pieces of sourdough, and the centre of the bread was soft, contrasting nicely with the crunchiness of the crust. Overall, the texture of the dish was very appealing. Although this meal is a classic on most brunch menus, I would say it was one of the best avocado dishes I’ve had. The egg was superbly runny but the egg white was slightly underdone. I initially thought the portion would not fill me up, however in the end I was left feeling 100% satisfied.

Bacon & Egg Roll $14

Filled with house cured bacon, a fried egg, salad and tomato chilli chutney; this roll was  a fantastic combination. As with the meal above, the bread was soft and appetising. The bacon was not overly salty and the egg yolk was cooked just right. This dish was delicious, however there weren’t any components that really stood out. Those looking for a warm,hearty breakfast would enjoy this roll.

Banana Bread With Espresso Butter $6

Now this banana bread made me go “WOW”. The banana flavour was quite prominent and the consistency of the bread was not too oily or buttery. It was golden brown, soft and melted into my mouth bite after bite. The espresso butter was a stand out. It was a new concept to me and I really loved the banana, coffee combination. The flavour of the butter was not overpowering but it gave that extra little special touch. $6 is a little bit pricey for a piece of bread but I would highly suggest trying it out if you have a few more dollars to spare.

Single Origin Roasters

Website: www.singleoriginroasters.com.au
Email: info@singleoriginroasters.com.au
Address: 60-64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills, NSW
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 6.30am -4pm & Saturday 7.30am – 3pm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/singleoriginroasters
nstagram: www.instagram.com/single_o

Blog post courtesy of www.filledwithfood.com


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